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We believe in the power of technology to transform the way we teach and learn. Our mission is to provide educators with the resources, tools, and knowledge needed to confidently navigate the world of artificial intelligence, fostering a future where innovative thinking and creative problem-solving thrive.

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Use our suite of AI-powered tools to quickly craft lesson plans, worksheets, rubrics, activities and other learning materials. Also, get help with administrative tasks like emailing, agenda setting, and grade-tracking.

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Stay ahead of the curve with online courses, bi-monthly webinars, and special events focused on AI and its applications in education, designed specifically for educators.

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Invite Pedagog.ai staff to your school or organization to lead a customized workshop that meets your professional development needs around AI.

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Get help integrating AI into your teaching practice with an extensive prompt library, a database of lesson plans, and tips for using AI. Stay up to date with the latest news and strategies with weekly newsletters.

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Follow our research on AI policy trends, reflect on AI's impact on education with thoughtful blogs posts, and read AI & The Future of Education by Pedagog.ai's CEO Priten Shah.

Overwhelmed by AI?

While other priorities can be important, integrating AI-driven tools can enhance educational experiences and improve efficiency. Many AI tools are designed to be user-friendly and can save time in the long run, which might address other priority areas. Please refer to our library of AI tools currently available to educators!

Fortunately, Pedagog.ai and other AI Education sites offer comprehensive Professional Development when it comes to using AI in the classroom! Our short Crash Course is a great place to start learning about the various potential uses of AI in the classroom. Our blog is another great resource for educators looking to start learning about AI.

It is true that school districts and state Departments of Education have been slow to release guidance for the use of AI in schools. The absence of a policy can be challenging, but should not become a barrier for educators. For more information about the current AI education policy landscape, please refer to this comprehensive resource. Even if your district has not offered clear guidance, resources published by the US Dept of Ed or your state may be a great place to start. 

Understanding how to incorporate AI tools into instruction can be daunting, but starting with small, focused applications can make this easier. Teachers can gradually expand their use as they become more comfortable and see the benefits for their students. Our Crash Course and other Online PD are a great place to start learning about the incorporation of AI tools in classrooms and our collection of Lesson Plans is a great place to get ideas for incorporating AI into your instruction. 

You are in the right place! Pedagog.ai is a “one-stop shop”, offering AI Tools, Online PD, and much more for educators looking to incorporate AI in their classrooms. Learn more about Pedagog.ai, and our ever-growing list of AI resources and guidance here, or sign up for our Summer Boot Camp.
Data privacy and security are legitimate concerns. Educators should ensure that any AI tool they consider using complies with privacy laws like FERPA and COPPA, and should work with their IT department to vet tools for security. Please Contact Us with any specific questions or concerns regarding privacy and security of Generative AI.

It’s not necessary to understand the complex details of AI to use instructional tools. What’s important is understanding the capabilities and limitations of the tools and how they can support learning objectives. With that said, our book , “AI & The Future of Education”, is a great place to learn more about how AI works and how it can be used to transform the classroom!

AI technology is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of subjects and grade levels. There are tools designed for specific subjects and developmental stages, as well as general tools that are suitable for most academic settings. Pedagog.ai’s Subject-Specific Guides are a great resource for how educators of any subject and grade level can use AI in the classroom!

While there is potential for misuse, AI can also be used to teach digital citizenship and integrity. Our new, comprehensive resource called Plagiarism in the Age of AI is a great place to start learning about the potential uses and misuses of AI in the classroom and learn about proper citation guidelines.

Cost can be a barrier, but there are also many free or low-cost AI tools available for educators. Most of Pedagog.ai’s tools and resources are free to use by any of our members, so please join today to access our ever-growing library of AI educator tools and Professional Development opportunities!

Technological limitations can indeed hinder the use of advanced tools. However, some AI applications are designed to work with minimal infrastructure, and incremental upgrades can be made over time to improve technology readiness. If you have any specific concerns about how your school’s tech infrastructure might impact your ability to use AI tools, please contact us today!

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