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Welcome to Pedagog.ai, a platform that empowers educators with AI-driven tools and resources to create engaging lesson plans, assignments, assessments, and more.
Our comprehensive offerings include:
Designed to support teachers through AI-led changes, Pedagog.ai enables educators to concentrate on their true passion – nurturing the next generation of learners!

"Your Lesson Plans Are Your Recipe—You Still Need A Chef. You Still Need A Teacher To Make That Recipe Come Alive."

Stephen Lockyer
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Our Goals

At Pedagog.ai, we envision a future where educators are well-equipped to harness the power of AI, seamlessly integrating it into their teaching methods and practices. We believe that by empowering teachers with the right tools, resources, and knowledge, we can revolutionize the educational landscape and shape a brighter tomorrow.

  1. Provide Access to Cutting-Edge AI Tools: We strive to offer teachers easy access to state-of-the-art AI tools that will help them create more effective lesson plans, assignments, assessments, and educational materials. These tools will enhance the learning experience for students, promoting deeper understanding and fostering critical thinking skills.

  2. Empower Educators through Professional Development: Our accredited professional development courses, both online and in-person, are designed to equip teachers with a solid understanding of AI and its applications in education. By staying current with the latest advancements, educators will be better prepared to adapt to the rapidly evolving world of AI and incorporate it into their classrooms.

  3. Foster a Community of Lifelong Learners: Through webinars, workshops, and our supportive online community, we aim to create an environment where educators can engage in continuous learning and collaboration. By connecting with other AI enthusiasts and education experts, teachers can gain fresh perspectives, share experiences, and drive innovation in their own classrooms.

  4. Keep Educators Informed and Inspired: Our newsletters will provide educators with the latest trends, research, and best practices in AI and education. By staying informed, teachers will be better equipped to make informed decisions about incorporating AI into their teaching strategies.

  5. Advocate for AI in Education: Pedagog.ai is committed to promoting the importance of AI in education at all levels, from local to global. We will work tirelessly to advocate for policies and initiatives that support the safe and equitable integration of AI in the educational system, ensuring that students and educators alike are prepared to navigate the challenges and opportunities of an AI-driven world.

Our team

Priten Shah

Priten Shah


Nina Bamberg

Nina Bamberg

Director of Curriculum & Instruction


Paulina Miranda

Communications Manager


Anthony de Marte

Operations Manager


Nate Asuncion

Administrative Assistant


Joan Manaloto

Graphic Designer


Harshit Shah



Samarth Pathak

Full-Stack Developer

Maria Kigin

Maria Kigin

Mobile Developer


Nazimuddin Gazi

General Operations

Jay Pier

Product Analyst

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