The Decoder: AI in education – ChatGPT is just the beginning

Jan 07, 2023 – While ChatGPT is all the rage these days because of how students have used it for cheating, it is not necessarily new and has been around for almost a decade. This article by the Decoder argues that ChatGPT “differs only in the quality of the generated output, the focus on interactivity (input of questions and AI-generated answers) and, above all, in its captivating simplicity: a URL, a registration, a single simple empty text field and the infinity of text generation is open to you, which moreover (depending on the question, mostly) provides meaningful and well-founded results, since it accesses a corpus of about 1 trillion words (from 6 million Wikipedia articles and millions of books and websites).” Read this article by Prof. Dr. Doris Weßels, Margret Mundorf, and Dr. Nicolaus Wilder​​ to learn more about why “ChatGPT is only just the beginning”

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