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Tradional Teacher and Robot

Teacher-Student Trust is Eroding Because of AI; But it Doesn’t Have to

Plagiarism Concerns Persist Over this past semester, we’ve spoken to hundreds of teachers about artificial intelligence and its impact on education. Unsurprisingly, we’ve received a lot of questions about plagiarism and cheating. How students can complete assignments using AI, how

Classroom Transformation with AI

The Educator’s Role in Demystifying AI

Understanding and Accessibility: The Heart of AI Education I got into AI accidentally. It had nothing to do with ChatGPT, and everything to do with the desire to clone myself because there weren’t enough hours in a day if I

AI Learning with Tablet

Navigating Screen Time in the Age of AI: A Guide for Educators

The Digital Classroom Dilemma In a world where kids often know Alexa better than storybook characters, we educators are tasked with a delicate balance. How do we mix the exciting digital world with essential human connections and classic learning? AI

Inclusivity Icon

Using AI to Incorporate Social Justice into Any Lesson

Many teacher education programs include a component of social justice or social reconstruction. These goals reflect a focus on preparing teachers who work toward equity for all of their students and act in culturally responsive ways. Teachers are in a

Robotic Conversation with Policy Makers

A Year of ChatGPT: An AI Education Policy Overview

November 30th, 2023 will mark the one-year anniversary of the launch of ChatGPT, a product which has sent shockwaves through numerous areas of the professional landscape. Government agencies have rushed to further understand the vast potential of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) technology,