Why AI in the classroom needs its own ‘doll test’ 70 years post-Brown

“As we mark the 70th anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision, it’s worth reflecting on a simple experiment’s role in dismantling the doctrine of “separate but equal.” In the 1940s, psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark conducted the now-famous “doll test,” which revealed the negative impact of segregation on Black children’s self-esteem […]

I Was an AI Optimist. Now I’m Worried It’s Making Teacher Burnout Worse

“When ChatGPT first became popular in late 2022, I was part of the chorus of AI optimists who saw the potential for the technology to reduce the massive workload that our teachers face. Today, the technology is far from making good on what I saw as its potential benefit to educators. Two years ago, it […]

Education books: AI, an unknowable upheaval in schools

“I APPROACHED AI and the Future of Education with some trepidation. Two factors eased my way into this highly readable account, helpfully subtitled Teaching in the age of artificial intelligence. A useful, simple definition, to start with, tells me that artificial intelligence (AI) is “simulation of human intelligence by machines”. Second, even for the most technophobic among us, it is […]

Off the Shelf

New Media Mention

AI and the Future of Education, by Priten Shah ’18, Ed.M ’21 (Jossey-Bass, $25 paper). It may seem counterintuitive to try to keep up with AI in the classroom by reading a book about it, but Shah, CEO of Pedagogy.Cloud, an ed-tech consulting firm, offers a hopeful perspective in what is, essentially, a cookbook of prompts […]

In an age of AI, understanding the value of a human is key

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Educators will need more than ever to understand the unique value of a human and to perceive large language models as legitimate and useful sources of ideas rather than shortcuts and avenues for cheating, according to tech-focused educational entrepreneur and author Priten Shah. Shah told University World News that the rapid development of artificial intelligence should prompt […]

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