Navigating the Future of Education: A Discussion Guide for “AI and the Future of Education” by Priten Shah

AI and The Future of Education

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform various aspects of our society, it is clear that every classroom will be affected. Priten Shah’s book, “AI and the Future of Education: Teaching in the Age of Artificial Intelligence,” provides a comprehensive look at the impact of AI on teaching and learning, offering practical insights, strategies, and ethical considerations for educators.

To support educators in navigating this complex and rapidly evolving landscape, we have created a book discussion guide that facilitates meaningful conversations and reflections around the key themes and chapters of the book. This guide is designed to help educators at all levels, whether they are new to AI or have been grappling with its implications for some time.

The discussion guide includes summaries of each chapter, pre-reading questions, guided reading prompts, discussion questions, and practical applications. Additionally, each chapter features a scenario that invites readers to apply the concepts and strategies from the book to real-world situations and challenges.

By engaging with this discussion guide, educators will have the opportunity to:

  1. Deepen their understanding of AI and its potential impact on education
  2. Explore strategies for sustainable AI integration in the classroom
  3. Consider the ethical implications of AI in education, including equity, privacy, and data security
  4. Develop a personal plan for professional growth and lifelong learning in the age of AI

Check out the book discussion guide now and embark on a journey to shape the future of education in the age of artificial intelligence.

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Together, we can navigate this exciting and challenging new era in education and ensure that AI is harnessed to benefit all learners.

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