Finding Your Writer’s Voice in the Age of AI


One of the biggest impacts of recent AI developments is the technology’s ability to produce human-like writing, leaving many to question whether there will still be a place for human writing in the future. However, it’s important to remember that writing is about more than producing coherent sentences. This lesson is designed to help highlight that every writer has their own unique “voice” and to help students further develop theirs. 
Materials Needed Time needed 
  • Computer with internet access and a projection system.
  • Writing materials (notebooks/paper and pens/pencils) for each student.
  • Envelopes or containers for the ‘Guess the Writer’ game.
  • Whiteboard & markers.
30-45 mins
  • Students will be able to understand and articulate the uniqueness of personal experiences and emotions that give writing a distinct voice.
  • Students will be able to identify distinct elements of human writing when comparing it to AI-generated content.
  • Students will appreciate the value of personal writing voices and their irreplaceability, even in the age of advanced AI.
  • Invisible Ink 
    • Initiate a discussion on discovering the unseen writer’s voice, underscoring the uniqueness of personal experiences and emotions that make writing unique.
  • Passion Punchline 
    • Ask students to craft a sentence about something they are passionate about.
    • Select a few students’ sentences and use ChatGPT to generate paragraphs based on them. (Do this while students are completing the next activity)
  • Express in Excess 
    • Ask students to expand their initial sentence about their passion into a full paragraph, focusing on expressing their unique voice and style.
  • Author Unknown 
    • Collect the student-written paragraphs, shuffle them, and redistribute.
    • Allow students some time to read the paragraphs they received, and then let them guess the author of each, spotlighting the distinct voice in each piece.
  • Me, Myself, and aI 
    • Project the AI-generated paragraphs for the class to see and read together
    • Facilitate a class discussion comparing AI-generated paragraphs and student-written ones.
    • Emphasize elements unique to human writing, celebrating each student’s intrinsic imprint.
  • Reflect and Connect 
    • Conclude with a wrap-up discussion on the irreplaceable value of personal writing voices, even in an age where AI can emulate human-like writing.
Supplemental Activity Ideas 
Dive into Famous Writers: Read passages from famous writers and discuss what makes their voice unique. Then, generate an AI-written paragraph in their style and compare.
AI Experiment: Give ChatGPT the same prompt but ask for different styles (e.g., romantic, humorous, melancholic) and compare the results.