AI & Memes: Understanding Visual Humor

Why? This lesson immerses students in the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence, a field that is increasingly influential in many aspects of our lives. By exploring AI’s capabilities and limitations in image recognition and interpretation, students develop critical thinking skills, learning to navigate and analyze the intersection of technology and media. This lesson engages […]

Illustrating Step-by-Step Processesusing AI Image Generators

Why? This lesson introduces students to the practical applications of AI technology, building their AI literacy and understanding. This exposure to AI tools and their creative potential prepares students for the increasingly AI-driven world, where understanding and working with AI is a valuable skill. Furthermore, this lesson fosters critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, as […]

Generating Art with AI

Why? Because AI tools like MidJourney can assist in creating visually stunning artworks by manipulating existing images based on AI algorithms, they offer a fantastic medium for exploring art and fostering creativity in students. In this lesson, students are asked to brainstorm different visual themes or styles and use an AI to bring their artistic […]

“Fractured FAIrytales”: An Idea for Using AI in Theatre Class

Why? One potential use for AI technologies like ChatGPT is as a creative partner. This lesson is designed to help students rethink the plots of well-known stories then perform the new versions in order to flex their own creativity and think critically about AI capabilities. Materials Needed Time needed  Computers with internet access List of […]