AI and Persuasion: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Supports

Why? This lesson on ethos, pathos, and logos equips students with the foundational skills of persuasive communication, crucial for both academic and real-world contexts. Understanding these rhetorical strategies enables students to critically analyze arguments and craft more compelling, well-rounded presentations or essays. Using an AI chatbot helps students better understand technology and how it can […]

AI and Persuasion: Anticipating Objections

Why? A common element of persuasion is identifying possible objections or differing points of view, and then refuting or diminishing them. This lesson helps students with the challenging process of brainstorming likely objections. By mastering the skill of anticipating and addressing objections, students strengthen their own arguments and develop a deeper understanding of the topic […]

AI & Memes: Understanding Visual Humor

Why? This lesson immerses students in the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence, a field that is increasingly influential in many aspects of our lives. By exploring AI’s capabilities and limitations in image recognition and interpretation, students develop critical thinking skills, learning to navigate and analyze the intersection of technology and media. This lesson engages […]

The World in 25 People: Global Proportions with AI

Why? This lesson, which scales down global demographics to the number of students in a specific classroom, aided by AI-generated text, is useful for a holistic educational experience, applying in several classes, including social studies, geography, math/statistics, and sociology. It cultivates a deeper understanding of global diversity and cultural empathy. Students benefit from visualizing demographic […]

AI and the Economics of Prices

Why? Understanding the economics of pricing is useful for students as they navigate the world of consumerism, business, and personal finance. In this lesson, designed for a middle-school social studies course, we will explore pricing concepts with the help of generative AI. Using the analysis capabilities of AI, students will gain practical insights into how […]

AI Literacy in History Class

Why? This lesson is designed to help students develop the skills to critically evaluate AI-generated content, fostering an informed and discerning approach to both historical narratives and emerging technologies. Materials Needed Time needed  Computers with internet access Whiteboard and markers or other place to record student responses Worksheet with guiding questions (optional) 30 mins Objectives […]

AI and Multiple Perspectives -Vox Populi “interview” with ChatGPT

Why? In a world increasingly polarized by black-and-white perspectives, especially in areas such as politics, social issues, and cultural debates, it’s crucial to foster an understanding that the spectrum of human opinion is far more colorful and varied. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can fill in gaps in students’ knowledge by providing a spectrum of opinions on […]