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AI Make Mistakes, Too! Understanding the Implications of AI Bias in Education

We all recognize the transformative power of AI, yet we often overlook its flaws. AI, like a child, learns from the data it is given. This learning process is not without its problems – notably, the inheritance of biases from its training data. This issue is particularly critical in educational settings where the impact is […]

Preparing Teacher Self-Evaluations with Chat GPT

Teachers are always in the business of self-improvement. In each of my many years of classroom teaching, my principal would sit down with me and we would talk about my personal goals for the year. Then, at the end of the year, we would revisit those goals and it would be my job to demonstrate […]

AI’s Transformative Role in STEM Education: Opportunities, Challenges, and the Future

This post was originally published by EnCorps.org As AI continues to reshape the landscape of teaching and learning, its impact on STEM education brings both opportunities and challenges for educators. From personalized learning experiences to the development of critical AI literacy skills, the integration of AI in STEM education is necessary to ensure we and […]

From Controlled to Chaos: Adapting AI to the Unpredictable Classroom Environment

The problem with the development of AI systems is that they’re birthed in a ‘perfect’ world. They’re tested in controlled environments, trained on neatly arranged data. This stands in stark contrast to the reality of a classroom – a setting that’s inherently chaotic and unpredictable. Classrooms, with their unscripted nature and dynamic interactions, challenge the […]

The Mystery Behind Decisions: The Complexity and Transparency of AI Algorithms

The thought of integrating AI into our classrooms brings a mix of excitement and apprehension. It’s like stepping into uncharted territory. We’ve seen the power of AI, but its inner workings remain a puzzle. This leaves us educators wondering: how do we embrace the potential of AI when there’s so much we’re unsure about? The […]

Navigating the Future of Education: A Discussion Guide for “AI and the Future of Education” by Priten Shah

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform various aspects of our society, it is clear that every classroom will be affected. Priten Shah’s book, “AI and the Future of Education: Teaching in the Age of Artificial Intelligence,” provides a comprehensive look at the impact of AI on teaching and learning, offering practical insights, strategies, and […]

AI and The Future of Education
Teacher-Student Trust is Eroding Because of AI; But it Doesn’t Have to

Plagiarism Concerns Persist Over this past semester, we’ve spoken to hundreds of teachers about artificial intelligence and its impact on education. Unsurprisingly, we’ve received a lot of questions about plagiarism and cheating. How students can complete assignments using AI, how to stop them from doing so, but most of all, how to catch them when […]

Tradional Teacher and Robot
The Educator’s Role in Demystifying AI

Understanding and Accessibility: The Heart of AI Education I got into AI accidentally. It had nothing to do with ChatGPT, and everything to do with the desire to clone myself because there weren’t enough hours in a day if I wanted to spend quality time with all of my students. I found myself taking courses […]

Classroom Transformation with AI
Navigating Screen Time in the Age of AI: A Guide for Educators

The Digital Classroom Dilemma In a world where kids often know Alexa better than storybook characters, we educators are tasked with a delicate balance. How do we mix the exciting digital world with essential human connections and classic learning? AI offers incredible opportunities for tailored learning, but it’s not without challenges. It’s crucial to remember […]

AI Learning with Tablet
Using AI to Incorporate Social Justice into Any Lesson

Many teacher education programs include a component of social justice or social reconstruction. These goals reflect a focus on preparing teachers who work toward equity for all of their students and act in culturally responsive ways. Teachers are in a unique position to change the present and future for their students, and by extension, for […]

Inclusivity Icon
When am I ever going to use this?: How AI can help answer the age old question

Every teacher has heard this question at least 17 thousand times. It’s the perpetual complaint of disinterested students who don’t see how this boring lesson could ever possibly mean anything to them. Students want to have some assurance that their time in class is actually benefiting them. Teachers know it’s valuable to connect classroom learning […]

Bored Classroom
A Year of ChatGPT: An AI Education Policy Overview

November 30th, 2023 will mark the one-year anniversary of the launch of ChatGPT, a product which has sent shockwaves through numerous areas of the professional landscape. Government agencies have rushed to further understand the vast potential of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) technology,

Robotic Conversation with Policy Makers
Citing AI: When, How, and Why

MLA and APA Citation Guidelines for using chatbots in academic settings.

Robot and Student in Library
Cultivating AI Creativity, Not Just Productivity

When we think of artificial intelligence (AI), productivity and efficiency often come to mind first. But have we overlooked creative potential? As AI advances, should we be actively exploring collaborations that cultivate creativity too? The Default Focus on Productivity It’s understandable why businesses optimize AI for productivity – scheduling meetings, processing data, recommending products. These […]

AI Room Design Colorful VS Black & White
The Risks and Rewards: Why Schools Should Tread Carefully with AI in Education

Imagine stepping into a classroom where your every move is monitored by artificial intelligence, your grades determined by algorithms, and your educational path set by code. While this future offers an incredible array of possibilities for personalized education, it also raises ethical and practical questions that we can’t afford to ignore. The Risks of Speeding […]

Robot and Education Balance
Preparing Students for Learning Alongside AI Systems

Imagine a high school classroom where students work in small groups on a collaborative poetry project. Some groups have an AI assistant that suggests rhymes or lines to enhance the emotional impact of their poem, while others do not. The students with AI support easily complete the assignment, relying on the AI to generate most […]

Learning with Robots
Aligning AI with Educational Values: Ensuring Ethical Use in Schools

As artificial intelligence advances in education, we must ensure that innovation aligns with the fundamental human values that algorithms can’t replace. Introduction The possibilities of AI in the classroom are promising. However, to harness AI’s potential without compromising our educational values, we must tread carefully and deliberately. The key lies in aligning these powerful technologies […]

AI in Schools: Navigating the Challenges and Potentials

The rapid acceleration of generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities has disrupted industries worldwide, especially those that thrive on speed, synthesis, and constant iteration, such as business, healthcare, and education. For clarity’s sake, when we say “generative AI,” we mean systems like ChatGPT that can generate new content and learn from data after being prompted by […]

How to help students find their writer’s voice in the age of AI

With AI writing tools on the rise, what's the point of writing assessments? With the ease of accessibility to AI writing tools, the only way to ensure we help nurture the next generation of critical thinkers would be to rethink how we teach, learn, and assess writing.

Kids Writing
AI Integration Blueprint: What to Consider When Developing Policies for the Next School Year

This summer, as educational institutions prepare for the upcoming academic year, it is crucial to plan and strategize the integration of AI and other new technologies in education.

Why We Can’t Only Teach About AI In Computer Science Classes

Students are most likely to learn about climate change in science class, statistics in math class, and reading comprehension in English class. If this pattern tells us anything, it’s that students will be most likely to learn about Artificial Intelligence in computer or technology classes. Not approaching any of the aforementioned topics from an interdisciplinary […]

Plagiarism Concerns Raise Bigger Questions About Education in the Age of AI

We recently posted a quote on our Instagram feed that garnered a lot of a lot attention, and a lengthy discussion in the comments. It was written by a high school writing teacher to her students. It addressed plagiarism in the age of AI and said: “Perhaps it’s not about plagiarism, nor is it about […]

Breaking the Burnout Cycle: How AI Can Change the Way Teachers Work

These days, the number of articles trying to predict the impact that ChatGPT will have on education is almost dizzying. Will it eliminate critical thinking? Will students ever have to write again? Or, will it save the world?

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