Crash Course: AI & Education

Welcome! Welcome to’s Crash Course: AI & Education! This short, asynchronous course is designed to give teachers an introduction to all the basics, including what generative AI is and how teachers can leverage its vast capabilities for everything from writing emails, to creating lesson plans, to teaching students key AI literacy skills. This course […]

AI for Early Childhood Educators

Overview Join us for this special webinar, in partnership with Grow With Beck! Grow With Beck is an early childhood education company specializing in early literacy, kindergarten admissions preparation and creating lifelong learners. We believe children come into this world innately curious, hardworking, joyful and open. Grow With Beck harnesses each child’s natural thirst for […]

Civics Education in the age of AI

Overview Join us for this special webinar, in partnership with United 4 Social Change! United 4 Social Change‘s mission is to expand access to an interdisciplinary civics education that enlights students about social issues, ignites their passion, and unites them in action, fostering a new generation of engaged and informed leaders who actively contribute to the […]

Innovative Assignments for the Age of AI

Overview Join us to discuss innovating assignments for the age of AI! The introduction of generative AI technologies has changed and will continue to change teaching and learning. In this webinar we discussed: Presenter: Nina Bamberg, Director of Growth at Pedagogy.Cloud Details Click “Enroll” to register!