AI for Early Childhood Educators


Collaborated AI Webinars & Grow with Beck

Join us for this special webinar, in partnership with Grow With Beck!

Grow With Beck is an early childhood education company specializing in early literacy, kindergarten admissions preparation and creating lifelong learners. We believe children come into this world innately curious, hardworking, joyful and open. Grow With Beck harnesses each child’s natural thirst for knowledge and pairs it with a personalized curriculum, expertise in early learning and relationship building to ensure that each child reaches their fullest potential.

In this webinar, and Grow With Beck leaders will discuss how early childhood educators can leverage AI tools to simplify their communication, admin, and paperwork tasks, how early childhood educators can help students start building tech literacy skills, and the future potential of AI in the early childhood space.


Beck Goodman, Founder and CEO of Grow with Beck

Priten Shah, Founder and CEO of Pedagogy.Cloud

Nina Bamberg, Director of Growth at Pedagogy.Cloud


This webinar is scheduled for Thursday, January 25th 3-4pm ET

A recording will be available to all who register


This webinar is free and open to everyone who would like to join this conversation. Just register for the zoom link below:

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