AI for STEM Educators


Join us for this special webinar, in partnership with EnCorps! 

Founded in 2007, EnCorps Inc. is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit with operations in California as well the greater Denver, Colorado and New York City areas. EnCorps connects highly effective STEM educators with public school students to counter the systemic injustice preventing children in under-resourced communities from accessing a high-quality STEM education. 

In this webinar, leaders will talk with EnCorps Executive Director, Amy Kim and EnCorps Educator Yujia Ding on the following topics: 

  • Intro to AI in Education: benefits and examples 
  • Contexualing AI for the STEM educator 
  • Experiences of STEM teachers working in the age of AI 
  • How STEM can adapt to embrace teaching with and about AI  


Amy King, Executive Director of EnCorps  

Yulia Ding, HS Teacher and EnCorps Educator 

Nina Bamberg, Director of Growth at Pedagogy.Cloud


This webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, May 29th 7pm ET/4pm PT


This webinar is free and open to everyone who would like to join this conversation. Just register for the zoom link below: