Bloom’s Taxonomy in the Age of AI

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In this webinar, we discussed:

How educators can leverage AI tools to design activities and assignments that foster higher-order thinking skills. The key points covered include:

  1. The importance of developing higher-order thinking skills (analyze, evaluate, create) in the age of AI to:
    • Equip students with critical analysis skills to interact with AI responsibly
    • Cultivate uniquely human skills that AI cannot replicate
    • Prepare students for engaging in crucial discussions about AI’s impact on society
  2. Strategies for promoting higher-order thinking skills in the classroom:
    • Encouraging questioning and intellectual curiosity
    • Using real-world scenarios to apply knowledge and skills
    • Modeling critical thinking during class discussions
    • Teaching argumentation skills
    • Designing assessments that require demonstrating higher-order thinking
  3. Using AI tools to design activities that align with Bloom’s Taxonomy levels:
    • Adapting content complexity and cognitive demand
    • Scaffolding resources and supplemental activities
    • Generating personalized formative feedback
    • Designing assessments targeting specific levels of thinking
    • Creating personalized learning pathways (future potential)
  4. Examples of AI-generated prompts and activities for each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, from remembering to creating, along with corresponding student prompts for self-directed learning.
  5. Introducing “AI-proof assignments” that foster critical thinking and cannot be easily completed using AI alone, such as:
    • Case studies with real-world problems
    • Simulations and role-playing activities
    • Video or podcast projects with presentations and Q&A
    • Collaborative essay writing
    • Fact-checking and citation activities
  6. Incorporating AI literacy into assignments by having students:
    • Verify and refine AI-generated reports
    • Analyze and improve AI-generated stories
    • Compare and contrast AI-generated work with human-created content

The webinar emphasizes the need to rethink traditional assignments in light of AI’s capabilities and to focus on developing uniquely human skills that will prepare students for a world increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence.

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