Civics Education in the age of AI


Collaborated AI Webinars with U4SC

Join us for this special webinar, in partnership with United 4 Social Change!

United 4 Social Change‘s mission is to expand access to an interdisciplinary civics education that enlights students about social issues, ignites their passion, and unites them in action, fostering a new generation of engaged and informed leaders who actively contribute to the democratic process.

In the age of AI, an informed and engaged citizenry is more important than ever. Today’s students must know how to spot AI-generated misinformation, advocate for policies that protect their privacy and security, and cultivate the skills of critical thinking, creativity, and empathy.

In this webinar, and U4SC staff will discuss the importance of robust civics education in the age of AI, how civics education must adapt to the new reality, and more!


Priten Shah, CEO and Founder of Pedagogy.Cloud and United 4 Social Change

Nina Bamberg, Director of Growth at Pedagogy.Cloud and Director of Programs at United 4 Social Change


This webinar is free and open to everyone who would like to join this conversation. Just register for the zoom link below:

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