Open access webinar: Teaching Empathy for the Age of AI


Join us for this special webinar, in partnership with Thinker Analytix!

Thinker Analytix is an education non-profit spun out of the Harvard University Department of Philosophy. TA is a partnership between world-class scholars and edTech leaders that prepares students, educators and working professionals for better disagreements. They do this by teaching 2 critical skills: Argument Mapping and Systematic Empathy.

In this webinar, and Thinker Analytix leaders will discuss the importance of empathy in an AI-driven world and strategies for teaching empathy as a critical AI literacy skill.


Aidan Kestigian, VP of Operations and Core Curricula, Thinker Analytix

Priten Shah, Founder and CEO of Pedagogy.Cloud

Nina Bamberg, Director of Growth at Pedagogy.Cloud


This webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, February 20th 1-2pm ET


This webinar is free and open to everyone who would like to join this conversation. Just register for the zoom link below:

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