Open access webinar: The Ethics of AI in Education


Join us for this special webinar, in partnership with Jessica Maddry

Jessica has nearly 20 years of experience in education. With a Master’s degree in Educational Technology and certification as an Ethical Emerging Technologist, Jessica has a proven track record of designing innovative, data-driven programs that enhance student outcomes. Her vision is to pioneer a future where AI integration within K-12 education is seamless, secure, and strategically aligned with educational goals. She aims to support standards for ethical AI use in schools, ensuring that every child benefits from technology without compromising their privacy or the integrity of their learning experience. 

In this webinar, leaders will talk with Jessica about the key ethical questions that must be considered as AI is integrated in into schools and the education system more broadly. 


Jessica Maddry, M.EdLT, Education Consultant  

Priten Shah, Founder and CEO of Pedagogy.Cloud

Nina Bamberg, Director of Curriculum & Instruction at Pedagogy.Cloud


This webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, July 24th 3-4pm ET

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