Arizona’s AI Education Policy Landscape

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Student Population : 1,135,900

Official Policies

Guidance around AI on the AZED site is a short page which links to the USDOE report from May 2023. There is also a handout, posted August 2023, which links to other reports and guidelines posted by CoSN, ISTE, Code and others. AI is included on AZED’s Instructional Framework documents, which in “Domain 5: Technology and Education” it presents curriculum suggestions surrounding the introduction on AI in the classroom.


University of Arizona has a comprehensive page on Artificial Intelligence on its website so that its community can “stay in the know about AI access, equity, integrity and impact, on campus and across higher ed”. It links to many other resources, including “Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning”, which provides information for faculty regarding AI opportunities, detection, citation, and syllabi examples.

Further Resources


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