Florida’s AI Education Policy Landscape

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Student Population : 2,882,600

Official Policies

Besides including Artificial Intelligence topics on curriculum, no mention of AI on FLDOE site.


University of Florida is home to the Artificial Intelligence Academic Initiative Center, which provides comprehensive information on AI ethics, seeking “transparency, inclusion, responsibility, impartiality, reliability and security in building AI systems, research, education and workforce development”. They also have a webpage entitled “Building the Artificial Intelligence Curriculum for Florida’s K-12 Schools”, which announces that “UF faculty have been helping build an inclusive repository of AI curriculum resources that can be embedded into an inclusive curriculum”, though such resources for educators are not yet posted.

School Districts

Miami-Dade County, FL (Population: 347,366): No AI guidance posted on Miami-Dade site.

Broward County, FL (Population: 256,472): No AI guidance posted on Broward County Schools site. Blocked Artificial Intelligence Systems on district-owned devices (April 2023).

Hillsborough County, FL (Population: 194,525): Gaggle is currently being used to “support student safety and wellbeing”, as well as to “ensure that students are safely and correctly using school-provided digital tools in accordance with the Student Network and Internet Acceptable Use Policy found in the Student Code of Conduct.”

Orange County, FL (Population: 176,006): Introduced AI in curriculum as early as August 2022 “in order to upskill students and prepare them for careers in the future that involve artificial intelligence”. As of August 2023, ChatGPT blocked on school networks. Nearby Brevard County released more guidance: “BPS intends to monitor [AI’s] usefulness in our environment, with the hopes of educating our students, teachers, staff, and community on how to use this and all technology safely and responsibly as we prepare our students to be successful moving forward”.

Palm Beach County, FL (Population: 174,663): As of August 2023, “superintendents shared a similar view on AI in the classroom, saying while they do think clear guidelines need to be set, they do not think AI is something to be feared. Instead, they hope teachers and students embrace the tool and use it to their advantage”.

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