Georgia’s AI Education Policy Landscape

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Student Population : 1,743,200

Official Policies

No guidance is posted regarding AI in Education on the Georgia Department of Education site.


In August 2023, UGA posted a comprehensive “Artificial Intelligence Student Handbook”, which incorporates policy into its AI course curriculum suggestions.


Emory University‘s Honor Code mentions GenAI multiple times, including in an Appendix called “On the Use of Artificial Intelligence for Assignments”, where it lays out numerous contexts during which the use of AI is not permitted. There are many other mentions of AI on Emory’s official site, though they are dispersed throughout many departments and centers within the university.

School Districts

Gwinnett County, GA (Population: 160,744): As of August 2023, Gwinnett County was going “all-in” on AI technology in classrooms, incorporating it in K-12 education.

On educator use of AI: “The scoring of the responses will be completed at the district level by GCPS teachers. Additionally, GCPS will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) scoring to ensure summative results are reported prior to the end of the school year”.

Gwinnett is also home to Seckinger High School, which is the first artificial intelligence-themed high school and opened in August 2022.


Taliaferro County Schools (Student Population: 187): Although a small school located 50 miles from Augusta, Georgia, Taliaferro County School are among the leaders in AI Education Policy in Georgia. The school district’s clear and concise policy is split up into two sections, “AI Policy for Educators” and “AI Policy for Students”, and provides direction on the use of Artificial Intelligence in educational settings.

Further Resources

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