Indiana’s AI Education Policy Landscape

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Student Population : 1,032,700

Official Policies

UPDATE (May 2024): Though not yet released on their official website, the Indiana Department of Education developed a 5-page document on AI Guidance, an introduction in the incorporation of AI in schools, with more guidance promised in the coming months.

In the News

In August 2023, Indiana Department of Education announced a one-time grant to “fund a pilot of an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform of their choice”.


In September 2023, IU‘s IT Services posted an AI policy which details acceptable and forbidden uses of AI in the classroom.

Notre Dame has posted two major updates on the AI Policy, one in May 2023 and the other in August 2023. While short, these posts demonstrate that the university supports the use of Generative AI tools, but that it is cautious about how these technologies are being used in the classroom. Notre Dame also has a few resources for instructors about how to incorporate and control the use of GenAI in classroom settings.

Further Resources

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