Michigan’s AI Education Policy Landscape

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Student Population : 1,407,800

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UPDATE (April 2024): Michigan Virtual released a new online resource entitled “Sample Guidance on Staff Use of Generative AI for K-12 School Districts”, in which it details how AI language models “can assist with various tasks from teaching and learning, to writing support, to data analysis” in academic settings.

None posted on Michigan.gov, but lots of guidance released by Michigan Virtual, endorsed by state organizations.

Michigan Virtual has released two highly-endorsed and comprehensive documents regarding AI in Education, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration Framework for School Districts” and “Planning Guide for AI: A Framework for School Districts”, both encouraging student access to AI and detailing the variety of uses, policy concerns, and framework surrounding AI’s place in the classroom.


UMich provides a plethora of resources on Generative Artificial Intelligence on their site. It defines different aspects of AI, links to certain GenAI tools, and warns its community on its potential downfalls. There is another resource focused on Course Policies and Syllabus guidance for instructors.

Further Resources

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