Missouri’s AI Education Policy Landscape

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Official Policies

No guidance on AI on MDESE site.

In the News

Missouri State Teachers Association currently has a resource posted on their site entitled “Empowering Education with AI”, which defines and explains AI and lists current AI tools that could be helpful for educators.


Mizzou has a brief online resource called “ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, and Academic Integrity” which answers a few FAQs regarding AI use in the classroom. As of August 2023, the university “explicitly prohibits “unauthorized use of artificially generated content,” which includes, but is not limited to, both “use of artificial intelligence tools or other tools that generate artificial content in taking quizzes, tests, examinations, or other assessments without permission from the instructor”.

Wash U St. Louis’ IT Department has a resource posted on Generative AI, providing definitions, guidance, warnings, and tools on the use of the technology at the university. There are also many updates posted on WashU’s site, most recently in August 2023, about the uses and applications of GenAI Technology at the university.


Further Resources

MSTA AI Resource

MDESE Main Site

Mizzou Online Resource

WashU’s IT on AI

WashU August AI Notice

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