Nevada’s AI Education Policy Landscape

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Student Population : 487,200

Official Policies

No mention of AI on NVDOE site besides inclusion of AI principals on intended Computer Science K-12 Standards.

In the News

UPDATE (April 2024): Nevada DOE is currently creating an AI policy, drawing from online surveys and town hall conversations with the state’s education community, in order to craft an “ethical statement” on AI to be released in June.

In September 2023, there was a video session posted on NVDOE Youtube Page entitled “Empowering Educators & Engaging Students with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a Social Studies” hoping to demonstrate how AI can “revolutionize classroom dynamics and enhance student learning experiences”.


UNR Office of Digital Learning has an online page dedicated to the explanation of ChatGPT.

School Districts

Clark County, NV (Population: 314,059): No guidance on AI posted on CCDC School Policies.

Further Resources

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UNR Page on ChatGPT

CCDC School Policies

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