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UPDATE: As of January 2024, North Carolina became the fourth US State to release comprehensive guidance on the use of AI in the classroom. This resource, entitled “North Carolina Generative AI Implementation Recommendations and Considerations for PK-13 Public Schools” and released by the NCDPI, is a 34-page guidebook which provides training, guidance, and suggestions on the use of AI in the classroom. The NCDPI makes it clear in this report that it “encourages public school units to responsibly embrace AI and incorporate AI Literacy for all staff and students”.


UNC enlisted a committee of faculty to explore AI concepts over summer 2023, and develop policies and resources for the 2023-2024 academic year. These policies were posted in September and October 2023, and include a resource called “Generative AI Usage Guidance”, which has information for instructors including syllabus guidelines, usage philosophy and principles, and sourcing use.

Duke‘s Learning Innovation webpage has an article which was most recently updated in October 2023 called “Artificial Intelligence Policies: Guidelines and Considerations” which provides a number of acceptable and prohibited uses of GenAI. There is also a page entitled “Guidance for Instructors” which is a resource specifically directed towards teachers.

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