North Dakota’s AI Education Policy Landscape

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Student Population : 119,700

Official Policies

No notable mention of AI Policy on North Dakota Department of Public Instruction page.

The 68th Legislative Assembly recently funded a resource until June 2025 called Amira Learning, which “assesses oral reading fluency and analyzes errors to pinpoint strengths and areas where a student needs growth”.

In the News

In March 2023, North Dakota became the first US state to require students to take computer science or cybersecurity classes before graduating high school.


North Dakota State University: As of March 2023, NDSU created a Higher Ed Task Force to study and “combat the negative effects of artificial intelligence and discuss the potential for further applications in curriculum development”.

There is an online resource on the UND site which defines AI and provides information to faculty and the large UND community regarding GenAI usage and its risks.

Further Resources

NDDPI Main Page

Amira Learning Resource

Computer Science Requirements

ND AI Task Force

UND AI Resource

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