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Student Population : 707,500

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UPDATE (05/2024): OKSDE released an 18-page resource entitled, “Guidance and Considerations for Using Artificial Intelligence in Oklahoma K-12 Schools”, in which they outlined the benefits and risks of AI in education, including sections such as “Navigating Academic Integrity in AI”, “Elements for Integrating AI in the Classroom”, “Security, Privacy, and Safety”, and others.

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As of September 2023, Governor Kevin Stitt announced that he was creating an AI task force with goals to, among other topics, “identify the ways in which AI can be used to… improve education”. Findings are due to be reported in December 2023.


OU: Though there is a lot of discussion of AI on its site, there is no mention of AI on OU’s Academic Integrity page. However, as of January 2023, the school had no intention of banning ChatGPT on campus.

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