Oregon’s AI Education Policy Landscape

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Student Population : 563,500

Official Policies

Oregon State site provides a variety of resources defining Generative AI, explaining its potential and implications, listing resources for educational use of GenAI in classrooms, and providing a guide for school and district leaders to develop their own protocols regarding the use of AI in education settings. Each of these resources is listed as “NEW” on the Oregon state site as of November 2023.


University of Oregon‘s Teaching Support and Innovation page provides a plethora of resources regarding GenAI in the classroom. It provides Guiding Principles, Course Policy considerations, and AI system usage in course assignments and class activities. The university also hosted a panel discussion in May 2023 called “Teaching and Artificial Intelligence Systems: Insights and Strategies” which shared “insights on how AI systems work, their implications for democracy, ethics, justice, and student learning experience, and emerging considerations for the future of teaching and learning”.

Further Resources

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