Rhode Island’s AI Education Policy Landscape

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Student Population : 135,300

Official Policies

In December 2022, RIDE released an AI chatbot aimed at answering questions regarding “college readiness and planning”.

In the News

RIDoE determined that decisions regarding policy would be made on a district level.


URI: As of September 2023, URI was developing an Academic Affairs AI Task Force, which will “explore and develop a report that identifies the top issues and impacts related to generative AI for the URI academic community. This report will inform future guidelines for use of generative AI tools at URI”.

URI Office for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning has an online resource called Teaching With ChatGPT & Other AI, which provides a comprehensive explanation of GenAI, how it is used by students in the classroom, and how AI can enhance the teaching experience.

Brown University: As of August 2023, Brown’s Office of the Provost posted a resource called “Potential impact of AI on our academic mission” which provides links to further information on a variety of aspects of AI use. There is also a resource through the Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning called “Intentional Pedagogy with AI Technology” which addresses three teaching areas: Designing writing assignments, Academic Integrity, and Syllabi”.

Further Resources

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