Texas’ AI Education Policy Landscape

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Student Population : 5,478,500

Official Policies

Nothing regarding AI on TEA Main Site.

In the News

Houston’s private Alpha School is using adaptive apps and AI tutors to “take the lead on core subjects like reading, math and writing”.


UT Austin has a resource called “Acceptable Use of ChatGPT and Similar AI Tools” which details allowable and prohibited uses of AI in the classroom.

Rice’s Honor Council sent out a guidance email to its community in April 2023, “explicitly prohibiting the use of artificial intelligence software such as ChatGPT without proper citation”. Its Fondren Library also has a variety of posted resources on GenAI and its use in the Rice community.

School Districts

Houston School District, TX (Population: 204,245): Being talked about on HISD forums and news outlets, but no official policies currently online.

Further Resources

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