West Virginia’s AI Education Policy Landscape

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Student Population : 245,900

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UPDATE: As of January 2024, West Virginia became the 3rd state (behind California and Oregon to release a comprehensive policy on AI in Education. This resource comes in a 40-page document called “Guidance, Considerations, & Intentions for the Use of Artificial Intelligence in West Virginia Schools”, and provides varied information regarding the use of AI in academic settings.

WVDE does not mention AI besides the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence topics on Grade 6-12 Computer Science Curriculum.

In the News

In January 2024, the WBoE were briefed “on the state’s plan to keep up with advancing artificial intelligence technology in school districts”. Another meeting is scheduled for February 2024.


WVU: In October 2023, WVU hosted a discussion on education and artificial intelligence aimed towards faculty members.

In February 2023, WVU announced a ChatGPT Task Force to “come up with potential solutions that can be shared as best practices across the web community.”

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