Wyoming’s AI Education Policy Landscape

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Student Population : 92,400

Official Policies

UPDATE (July 2024): Though not yet posted on their official site, the WDE became the 18th official state entity to released AI education guidance with the release of their 9-page resource called “Guidance for Wyoming School Districts on Developing Artificial Intelligence Use Policy”. This guidance provides a good overview on the use of AI in schools by defining important terminology and providing sample policy guidance for teachers.

No mention of AI on the Wyoming EDU site.

In the News

As of March 2023, decisions on policy would be made on local level.


University of Wyoming: As of February 2023, University of Wyoming planned to release guidance regarding AI in classroom settings, though no guidance is currently posted on the UWYO site.

In April 2023, UWYO president Ed Seidel wrote about Generative AI, and announced that he had “commissioned a working group to recommend how the university should use such technologies in our classes, how it can be used to enhance our research, how we might reconsider regulations on plagiarism and more”.

Further Resources

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