World Education Summit 2024

Join Priten and other education experts to shape the future of education!

13 Mar 2024

A pervasive topic in education, Priten Shah, the author of “AI & the Future of Education: Teaching in the Age of Artifical Intelligence,” set out to demystify the implications of AI in the realm of education. This session will focus on AI’s impact on STEM education as well as how to incorporate teaching AI literacy […]

13 Mar 2024
On Course National Conference

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, the fundamental aims of fostering critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning remain unchanged. However, the advent of artificial intelligence and its integration into educational practices presents both challenges and opportunities for rethinking our pedagogical approaches. This keynote address, drawing from Wiley’s Jossey-Bass published “AI & The Future of […]

13 Mar 2024
Digital Learning Annual Conference

Join the author of Wiley’s “AI & The Future of Education” to engage in a thought-provoking dialogue as we navigate the uncharted territories of AI. We will focus our discussion on the transformations AI will bring to educational goals, pedagogical theories, and the foundational skills we must prioritize. Guided by Priten Shah, participants will engage […]

28 Feb 2024