AI & Education PD Grants for Title 1 Schools is Offering Title 1 Schools Grants that Cover Professional Development, Exclusive Tools, and Expert Consultation to Help Them Navigate the Age of AI

Our Commitment To Equity in the Age of AI

We are at a critical moment where artificial intelligence can either widen or help close existing gaps in educational opportunity. We are committed to using AI to create a more equitable system for all students

What the Grant Covers

A two-hour virtual PD workshop

We'll work with you to design a workshop that meets the needs of your school and teacher and cover a range of key aspects of AI's impact on education.

Access to online courses for teachers

Enroll a group of teachers in our short "Crash Course" to quickly get teachers up to speed on AI.

Access to webinars and events

We hold webinars twice a month targeted at key skills and knowledge of AI in education.

Consulting on AI policy development

Still feeling unsure about how to craft a fair and effective AI policy for your school or district? We will work with your admin team to walk you through all the pertinent questions and considerations.


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