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We can accommodate in-person workshops in and around New York, including New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. We may also be able to travel in some instances. Virtual workshops available worldwide!


We can accommodate requests for workshops ranging from 1 hour to multi-day events and conferences.


We will work with you to determine a price based on budget, availability, workshop length, and number of participants.

Workshop Topics

While offers a suite of AI tools, our workshops do not favor or promote a particular tool and we always prioritize showcasing the platforms that teachers can access for free.
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Intro to AI & Education

Understanding AI and its applications in education, overview of various AI tools and how teachers can use them, intro to using AI for admin tasks and curriculum development and using AI tools in the classroom.

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ELA in a world with AI

Addressing the unique impact that AI has on the teaching and learning of English, addressing the issue of AI plagiarism, scaffolding assessments with AI, and teaching critical thinking using AI.

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AI and Academic Integrity

Understanding the potential impact of AI on academic integrity, including issues related to plagiarism and cheating, the importance of honor policies, and talking to students about fair uses of AI.

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Using AI to Reduce Your Workload

Learning how to use AI tools and technologies to automate routine tasks, such as communication and paperwork, as well as grading and providing feedback, in order to save time and effort for teaching.

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AI in Curriculum Design

Understanding how AI can be used to design and develop effective curriculum by using generative tools to create standards-based lesson plans, worksheets, activities, assessments, and more.

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AI & Education For Admins

Understanding how AI can be used to design and develop effective curriculum by using generative tools to create standards-based lesson plans, worksheets, activities, assessments, and more.

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AI Literacy

How to incorporate the learning of critical AI-related knowledge and skills across various disciplines and grade levels.

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AI in Personalized Learning

Understanding how AI can be used to personalize the learning experience for each student and adapt materials to meet different learning styles and needs.

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AI Ethics

A discussion of the potential ethical issues of AI, including bias, data security and digital divides, and how the issues can be mitigated while implementing the use of AI in schools

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Civics Education in a World With AI

Exploring the skills that members of a democratic society will need in a world with AI, and how civics education can help prepare students for that world.

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Innovating Assignments to be AI-proof

Developing assignments and assessments that are designed to be resistant to cheating and plagiarism with AI-generated text.

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AI in Art/Music Class

How AI can enhance the teaching of art, music, and theater and how students can develop AI literacy skills in arts classes.

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Train the Trainer

We'll design a custom workshop to prepare a group of teachers designated as trainers to lead future workshops on AI and education at their school. We'll also provide slides and other materials for them to use.

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Coming Soon

As AI technology continues to develop and impact the world of education, we will continue offering new workshops to help you stay up to date. Check back this spring for a list of new topics coming fall 2024!

Custom Options

We can combine topics or speak on a variety of topics based on your unique needs.

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