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Accredited Online Professional Development

Stay ahead of the curve with online courses, bi-monthly webinars, and special events focused on AI and its applications in education, designed specifically for educators.

AI Trainer Certification Course

AI Trainer Certification Course

Crash Course: AI & Education

Crash Course: AI & Education

The AI-Enhanced Classroom: Redefining Teaching and Learning

The AI-Enhanced Classroom: Redefining Teaching and Learning

How to Get State Credit

Immediately following the completion of any of our course offerings, Pedagog.ai will provide educators with an email containing the required CPE Provider Documentation, including:

  • CPE provider’s name and provider number (CPE provider number for school districts, charters, private schools, and institutions of higher education is their assigned County/District number)
  • Educator’s name
  • Date and content of the activity
  • Number of clock hours that count toward satisfying CPE requirements

Please keep this documentation (we will also keep records in case it is requested by the educator or the TEA) to share with the TEA as part of Texas’ CPE clock hour requirements.


Texas State AI Policy

Follow our research on AI education policy trends in Texas and nationwide.

Nothing regarding AI on TEA Main Site.

Houston’s private Alpha School is using adaptive apps and AI tutors to “take the lead on core subjects like reading, math and writing”.

UT Austin has a resource called “Acceptable Use of ChatGPT and Similar AI Tools” which details allowable and prohibited uses of AI in the classroom.

Rice’s Honor Council sent out a guidance email to its community in April 2023, “explicitly prohibiting the use of artificial intelligence software such as ChatGPT without proper citation”. Its Fondren Library also has a variety of posted resources on GenAI and its use in the Rice community.

Houston School District, TX (Population: 204,245): Being talked about on HISD forums and news outlets, but no official policies currently online.

Dallas Independent School District logo

Dallas School District, TX (Population: 143,558): In October 2023, Artificial Intelligence was included on the DISD Student Handbook, detailing Responsible Use of AI Tools, Online Etiquette and Cybersecurity, Critical Thinking, and more. In June 2023, the district also hosted  a student debate on AI chatbots as part of the 5th Annual Charitable Foundation Invitation.

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District logo

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, TX (Population: 117,217): No real mention of AI on the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD main website.

Northside Independent School District logo

Northside ISD, TX (Population: 101,584): No AI policies currently posted, but the district is currently using Bark for Schools, which is “a student safety monitoring application” incorporating AI technology.

Katy Independent School District logo

Katy ISD, TX (Population: 88,368): AI is briefly mentioned on Katy ISD’s Student Handbook, stating that “the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) generating tools for written or other work and claiming it as one’s own is prohibited”.

TEA Main Site

UT Austin AI Resource

Rice Limits AI

Rice and AI

Houston SD: AI Blog Post on HISD Site

Houston SD: ChatGPT to Spot Plaigerism

DISD Student Handbook AI Revisions

Katy ISD’s Student Handbook (AI mentioned on Page 75)

5th Annual Charitable Foundation Invitation AI Conversation

Alpha School AI Use


UPDATE: On January 29th, 2024, President Biden announced an update to his October 2023 Executive Order, which included a statement that by October 2024, the Department of Education will “develop guidance on safe, responsible, and nondiscriminatory use of AI in education”.

In May 2023, the US Dept. of Education announced the release a 70-page report called “AI and the Future of Teaching and Learning”, which suggested the following steps:

  1. Emphasize Humans-in-the-Loop
  2. Align AI Models to a Shared Vision for Education
  3. Design AI Using Modern Learning Principles
  4. Prioritize Strengthening Trust
  5. Inform and Involve Educators
  6. Focus R&D on Addressing Context and Enhancing Trust and Safety
  7. Develop Education-specific Guidelines and Guardrails

More recently, in October 2023, President Biden included AI in Education in an Executive Order, committing himself to “Shape AI’s potential to transform education by creating resources to support educators deploying AI-enabled educational tools, such as personalized tutoring in schools”.

In December 2023, the National Science Foundation (NSF) launched the EducateAI Initiative, with aims ” to enable educators to make high-quality, audience-appropriate artificial intelligence educational experiences available nationwide to K-12, community college, four-year college and graduate students, as well as adults interested in formal training in AI”.

In October 2023, Education Technology Industry’s Principles for the Future of AI in Education released a document with 7 “Principles for AI in Education”, which provide “a framework for how we can look to the future of implementing AI technologies in a purpose-driven, transparent, and equitable manner”.

Update on AI Executive Order

Principles for AI in Education

AI Executive Order

“AI and the Future of Teaching and Learning”

EducateAI Initiative


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Custom Workshops

Invite Pedagog.ai staff to your school or organization to lead a customized workshop that meets your professional development needs around AI.


Bi-Weekly Targeted Webinars

Stay ahead of the curve with online courses, bi-monthly webinars, and special events focused on AI and its applications in education, designed specifically for educators.


AI For Administrators

January 11, 2024


Bloom’s Taxonomy in the Age of AI

January 11, 2024


Teaching Empathy for the Age of AI

January 2, 2024


AI for Special Education Teachers and Students

December 15, 2023


AI & The Future Of Education

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