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FERPA Compliance

We keep your data secure and we won’t share it with AI companies. We are committed to making AI tools that are safe for teachers and students.

Edit and Export Results

With our tools, you can work collaboratively with AI, providing it with edits and feedback to customize your results.

Multiple Models Used

We use the technology that powers ChatGPT and Claude and choose the best one based on the tool and capacity.

Our Tool Library

Check out the ever-growing list of tools created to solve common frustrations and bottlenecks for teachers around the world!

Admin. Curriculum. Professional Development.

Our system automatically uses a combination of different models and AI tools to create and modify resources for you.

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Free for Most Teachers

We currently offer a free plan with unlimited access to our base features and a premium plan for teachers who want to create next-level output!

School & District Options

If you’re looking for bulk enrollment in our tools, check out our Districts page for how we structure packages, including options for PD, lesson plans, online courses, and more!

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Create high-quality teaching resources in a fraction of the time

Introducing :'s Google Chrome Extension!

Click the link below to download’s new Chrome Extension, our Educator tool which implements our ever-growing library of AI tools. Build custom lesson plans, invent creative classroom games, formulate permission slips and admin forms, and much more!

*NEW : Welcome to the next generation of grading! Our extension now has a built-in Al grader, which uses a personalizable metric and focus points to comment on any writing sample on a Google Doc.*


The Lesson Plan Generator is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of creating personalized lesson plans, including objectives, materials, and other sections as desired.

Yes, our platform allows you to edit the AI-generated responses and give custom feedback to the tool so you get exactly what you need.

Yes, we have several tools for creating assessments including a quiz generator, vocab quiz generator, and an essay prompt generator. Keep checking back for more assessment tools!

Several of our tools can generate responses in different languages. Don’t see the language you need? Reach out to us and we’ll add it!

Our suite of free tools use GPT-3.5 and Claude technology. Upgrade to premium for GPT-4 powered tools.

Yes, we are constantly adding new tools to our tool library. Have a great idea for a tool you’d like to see? Reach out and let us know!