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AI & The Future Of Education

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Book By Priten Shah

Dear Educators, It's Time To Embrace AI And Transform Your Teaching

Clear Away The Fog Surrounding AI In Education—And Regain Your Peace Of Mind
Feeling overwhelmed by AI? Curious about how it fits into your classroom? Priten Shah’s AI and the Future of Education is your comprehensive guide, tailored for teachers to explore, understand, and master AI in education.
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AI & The Future of Education

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# Title
Chapter 1 Embracing AI in Education
Chapter 2 Defining AI
Chapter 3 Reframing Education in the Age of AI
Chapter 4 Adapting Pedagogy for AI Integration
Chapter 5 Using AI in Curriculum Development
Chapter 6 Automating Administrative Tasks
Chapter 7 Boosting Engagement and Motivation
Chapter 8 Teaching Students about AI
Chapter 9 Ethical Considerations for AI in Education
Chapter 10 Teacher Professional Development in the AI Era
Chapter 11 Adapting and Growing with AI in Education
AI & The Future of Education Book

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Priten Shah

Meet the Author

Education Innovator | Nonprofit Founder | Teacher

I’m a lifelong education entrepreneur who loves challenging and reshaping traditional education systems. Since my initial plunge into the world of education in high school by establishing the Teach to Learn Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, I’ve consistently found myself pushing the boundaries of teaching and learning.

As an educator, I’ve been lucky enough to teach students from diverse backgrounds – from a language school in South Korea to special education classes in New York. These direct experiences with the classroom are crucial in helping me understand and address students’ real-world needs.

In addition to my hands-on teaching experiences, I believe in the power of technology to advance education. I’ve worked on varied projects such as custom LMS design, gamified learning

applications, and mastery-learning based online courses.Currently, I’m heading two exciting ventures: United 4 Social Change (U4SC) and Pedagogy.Cloud. At U4SC, we use interdisciplinary education to nurture healthier democracies, providing accessible civics education to all students. Meanwhile, Pedagogy.Cloud is where I blend my love for education with cutting-edge technology, assisting educational institutions in adapting to the rapid advancements in AI.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had the privilege of assisting many universities and organizations to transition smoothly to digital teaching.

My ongoing work in AI includes pioneering an accredited course, “The AI-Enhanced Classroom,” and sharing my advice and predictions in “AI & The Future of Education,” published by Wiley’s Jossey-Bass.

In everything I do, my mission remains consistent: to continuously drive innovative solutions that address the diverse and complex needs of learners in our evolving world. The end goal? Being Prepared for a Dynamic Tomorrow.

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