Subject-Specific Guides’s suite of subject-specific guides offers educators across disciplines innovative AI tools and development resources for transforming teaching and enhancing learning.

English Teachers
Elementary Educators
Practice typing and chat with a book character, enjoy relevant webinars, and much more!
School Administrators
Train teachers on's Educator Tools, watch administrator-specific webinars, and much more!
Sociology Teachers
Nurture creative sociology debates, watch instructive webinars, and streamline your workflow using AI!
Art History Teachers
Chat with Da Vinci, develop a working thesis on symbolism in Frida Kahlo's works, and much more!
Environmental Science Teachers
Develop thesis statements on Environmental Science topics, streamline your workflow using AI, and watch our comprehensive and relevant webinars!
Economics Teachers
Learn about Econ Theory from Marx, use our lesson plan on "AI and the Economics of Prices", and streamline your economics workflow using AI.
Political Studies Teachers
Learn the Bill of Rights from James Madison, enjoy webinars about AI Plagiarism, and create instant Political Studies study buddies!
Psychology Teachers
Learn Psych Theory from Freud, streamline teacher workflow using our AI educator toolkit, and craft study buddies your students!
Astronomy Teachers
Have a conversation with Galileo, develop a game about any astronomy topic, and explore how AI can help to streamline teacher success and workflow!
Chemistry Teachers
Use AI to help teach the pH Scale, Brownian Movement, Periodic Table, and much more!
Physics Teachers
Chat with Isaac Newton, personalize thermodynamics learning, and create learning materials from a YouTube video!
Literature Teachers
Create instant vocabulary lists, read about AI-prompt generation, and elevate ELA teachers using our helpful and relevant webinars!
World History Teachers
Develop AI-generated World History unit plans, practice European capital cities, and watch our history-specific webinars!
AP US History Teachers
Chat with MLK about Birmingham, enjoy our insightful webinars designed for history teachers, and pull from our comprehensive lesson plans!
English Teachers
Discover AI tools for essay prompt generation, learn about AI-generated content analysis, and explore our relevant webinars exploring AI-use in the ELA classroom!
Math Teachers
Discover our pre-made AI study-buddies, watch our insightful STEM-focused webinars, and much more!
Social Studies Teachers
Nurture insightful debates using AI, pull from our Social Studies Lesson Plans, and develop instant Essay Prompts for your students!
Science Teachers
Learn Natural Selection from Darwin himself, create a game from any STEM activity, and explore our library of STEM-focused webinars!
Computer Science Teachers
Discover AI tools for personalized coding lessons, relevant exit-ticket questions, and insightful debates regarding AI!
Foreign Language Teachers
Explore our multi-lingual AI chatbot, elevate foreign language teaching and educator workflow using our AI toolkit, and much more!
Arts Teachers
Chat with Shakespeare, learn about AI art generation, and much more!
Special Education Teachers
Discover truly personalized learning, adjust the reading level of any text, and read our relevant and ever-expanding library of blog posts designed to streamline Special Education classrooms!
Writing Teachers
Develop instant essay prompts, streamline ELA teaching using our AI Educator Toolkit, and much more!
Philosophy Teachers
Chat with Aristotle about reasoning, develop instant philosophy essay prompts, and improve educator workflow using our AI Educator Toolkit!